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Discussion and application of new type pneumatic conveying technology in power plant
Release time:2014-09-15

The new type of pneumatic conveyor with embolism system

 Realizing long-distance transmission high concentrations and preventing the ash conveying pipe blocking is a pair of contradictions that relate to each other and restrict each other.

Conventional transfer mode:
Traditional ash removal system is usually put all the conveying gas to the the pump (except double pipe system), make the material form a fluidization of the ashes and gas mixture, and 
form a sufficient dynamic pressure overcome resistance of the pipelines to achieve delivery.Currently this type of system is the most widely used delivery way in the industry, it has the advantage of small investment, stable running and wear and wearing parts are in a more reasonable range.But the disadvantages of this system isit cannot be transmitted over a long distance. It will always cause material settlements layered, then cause pipe block if transmission distance is over 500m. 

Especially when the operation area of ash conveying pipeline is complex, bent conveying is more, along with coal change, ash conveying system is likely to happen to put into operation, main equipment were forced to shut down, cause serious consequence.

Double casing pipe conveying system:
Double casing pipe conveying technologysolves some of the problem of long-distance transport, but it has certain requirements for the material, it wears and tears more seriously on the double casting pipe, Andit will cost more for repairing and replacement. So double casing technology only used in some of the larger power generation companies, not expands in the transportation industry widely. The double casing pipe has a certain improvement compared with the conventional conveying method, but there are some defects that the system can not overcome: it invests more, it is hard to repair when  the casing pipe fall off, and it is not easy to clear when it blocks.The biggest shortcomingis still it can not solve the problem of long-distance transport completely. If the transmission distance is more than 800m, the gas consumption will be seriously exceeded, transportation power will be reduced, and it is easily to block the pipe, it will be a long time to clear when the pipes blocked.
Booster delivery system (plunger type transport):

The system is used the most widely delivery method to long-distance in most pneumatic conveying manufacturers. Booster high-concentration pneumatic power ash removal system installs a number of boosters in a certain interval distance on the ash conveying pipes.Transport gas is not put in to the warehouse of the pump completely. The air that entered in the warehouse of the pump can only push the material into the pipe,Additional air is added directly to the pipe through the boosters.The material can get the certain power that the pipe overcomes the resistance through the air put into the pipe by the booster.As the material being transported in the pipe is the slug flow or bolt flow state, but not suspended state completely, Material movement speed is low, the power to overcome the resistance of the pipe is mainly pressure energy, then the consumption air of the system can be reduced greatly, and it can effectively reduce the pipe wear.Even if the material stagnates in the pipe, the booster can be restarted no matter how long the conveying distance is.However, the shortcoming of this system is the consumption air is used more than the theoretical, especially the incoming points of air is more when it is blocked, intakeeven ifthe points of the pipe is not blocked, then there will be a big volatility to the gas source in a short time, and it will be cleared slowly when it blocked, so the system used booster cannot realize long-distance conveying and consumption saving. The booster can only be used as a reserving machine for the air incoming assisted and clearing the pipe when it blocked.

New type of embolism delivery system:
The new type of embolism conveyor system is similar to the plunger conveyor system,but the difference between them is: the new type of embolism delivery system realize a point of intake, intake where the pipe is blocked, and it will stop air intake automatically when the pipe blocking is cleared, the pressure of blocking pipe will be adjusted according to the actual conveying distance and the media, the main equipment of the system is the automatic suberization valve that produced by zouping Sanxin environment protection equipment CO.,LTD.
The working theory and work under various special circumstance of this kind of new embossed conveyor system in details as following:
Automatic suberization valve:
Name:Automatic opening and closing pneumatic conveying special suberization valve
(Utility and new type patent number: 2006200099427)
Invention patent number:2007200177011
Utility and new type patent number:2007100132602
Model: ZC-16-20
Valve entrance: 16MM
Valve exits: 25MM
Air flow: 1.8M3 / MIN
Test pressure: 1MP
Material: Aluminum alloy
Working life: 5000000 times
The valve core: SUS316 stainless steel
Seal: Imported polyurethane or imported NBR
Control Interface: 4MM internal interface
Waterproof performance: excellent
Operating temperature: -30-70 degrees
Spring: Valve spring
Open valve pressure: 0.1-1.0MP
Closing valve pressure: 0.1-1.0MP
Switching pressure difference:0.0—0.02MP
The automatic suberization valve produced by our company is well received by most of the companies by its advantages of automatic running, no need to maintenance, stable operation since it goes into the market by 2006, now the products are widely used in power, chemicals, metallurgy, conveying the slag in boiler industry and other difficult engineering.

The successful application of automatic suberization valve realized the possibility of running safely and stably of the projects that long-distance transmission and particles is too big and other difficult problems in the pneumatic conveying industry.It is showed by a large number of engineering examples that automatic suberization valve running stable, investing less, working life is long, solved the problems of systems of low transmission efficiency, pipe blocking, wearing and tearing, big gas consumption and valve wearing greatly in the companies used them.
The company has developed the third-generation products successfullyunder the strong support of the customers, overcame the shortcoming of the ash pipe will be blew to broke if it is opening more than closing, in addition, the company has invested a lot of manpower and resources for developing the fourth-generation products Successively. The fourth-generation products is used as supporting machines on the difficult pneumatic conveying systems in the limestone powder and steel plants,it’s efficiency can be improved by 30%. 
working principle:
According to the difference of the transmission pipe diameter, transmission medium, transmission distance and 
the layout of the elbow of the ash conveying pipe, we designed install the automatic suberization valve in the certain distance, the air intake of the warehouse of the pump is used by top static air intake. The inlet of the warehouse of the pump is used by pressure reducing valve, it will maintain  a certain pressure below the source of air pressure. The pressure level of the design depends on the source of the total air pressure and the required delivery volume, if the pressure is high then the ash conveying speed is high and the conveying efficiency is improved at the same time. It is full pipe transport in the outlet of warehouse pump, it will caused pipe blocking when the media is conveyed to a certain distance, then the automatic suberization valve installed in the pipe will inspect the pressure of the pipe ash conveying, The valve will be opened automatically for air intake when the pressure in the pipe reaches to the pressure of the automatic opening of the automatic suberization valve. 
The media in the pipe will be loose automatically when it is impacted by the intake air, the blocking of the point will be cleared, the valve will be shut off automatically, then the media in the pipe will continue forward movement.
New type of embolism delivery system realized the air point intake, the air will not come in if it is not blocked, air intake automatically when the blocking is cleared, so it saves the compressed air extremely, and the conveying distance can be infinite. The farther the transport distance is, the saving air  will be more obvious than other methods of the conveying. The biggest advantage of new embolic transmission is it’s stable operation, high transmission efficiency.
Adjustment of the modes of work:
The embolism delivery system can realize no pump operation stop when there is no ash or a little ash in the warehouse of the pump, It can save the consumption air when the conveying distance is far. The pressure of the warehouse of the pump will be maintained in the range of high pressure, unless the media is completely into the ash library of the pipe. The advantage of embolism delivery system is: the pipe of the conveying system can work uninterrupted, the air intake can be stopped when the media goes into the warehouse, and other warehouse will go on delivery to realize conveying of the pipe uninterrupted. This kind of working type not only can save a lot of purging gas, but also can reduce the wear to the pipe and elbow greatly. 

The pipe will not be blocked forever.
It can realize long distance transport, there is no distance limit in theory.
It can improve the transmission deficiency effectively, it can increase the efficiency by 1.4-2.0 times at most than the original system.
Due to the lo flowerw rate, increased transport concentration, it can reduce the wear of the pipes, elbows, ash transmission system effectively.
It saves the consumption compressed air obviously, especially for the long distance of transmission. 
It has a positive significance on ensuring the safe operation of the power work and energy saving.

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