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Wear-resistant ceramic tube series  
Wear-resistant different-diameter pipe
Release time:2014-09-15
Wear-resistant different-diameter pipe

Wear-resistant different-diameter pipe:
  • The wear-resistant different-diameter pipe process is that putting the pipe of same diameter to the big side of the different-diameter into the mold, making the metal move along the cavity and contract to form through pressing along the axial direction of the pipe.
  • Wear-resistant reducer process is to re-diameter pipe diameter equal to the end of the tube into the mold, in the axial direction along the tube through the pressing, the metal along the die cavity movement and contraction forming. It divided into one press forming or multiple press forming according to the diameter of the different diameter pipe.
  • Wear - resistant different-diameter Pipe Stamping Forming
  • Besides using steel pipe as material to produce different-diameter pipe, some part of the different diameter pipe can made of steel plate through stamping process.
  • The shape of the Stamping die refers to the design of the internal surface of the different diameter pipe, using stamping die to stretch the steel plate to form.
  1. It caused the big end open and small end contract relatively by The bending moment created by area pressure difference of the big and small side of the  concentric different diameter pipe by internal pressure.
  2. The hoop stress of the inner surface of the big end  and the outer surface of the middle of the off-centering runner by internal pressure is the biggest.

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