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Gate valve series  
Pneumatic gate valve
Release time:2014-09-15
Pneumatic gate valve
Pneumatic Gate Valve

         Usage of the Pneumatic gate valve:

  •          Pneumatic gate valve is widely used in various industrial fields, especially mining, iron and steel industry--For coal,filter pulp.
  •          Purifying apparatus -- For wastewater, mud, dirt and clarified water with suspended solids.
  •          Paper Industry -- For any concentration of paper pulp, material and water mixture.
  •          Ash removal in power station—for ash slurry and other professional pipeline system.

         Features of the Pneumatic gate valve:

  1.         The structure is simple, good looking in appearance, full-diameter runner, flow resistance coefficient is small. The sticky material on the sealing surface is scraped off when the gate is lifted, the debris is automatically removed.
  2.         The stainless steel gate protects against leakage of the seal due to corrosion. The whole body is made by stainless steel, preventing corrosion damage, the service life is long.
  3.         Various standard pipe flanges and sealing surface of flange. Various drive methods can be chosen such as manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic etc. ,meet all the requirements of the users.

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