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Gate valve series  
Inside screw non-rising stem type manual gate valve
Release time:2014-09-15
Inside screw non-rising stem type manual gate valve

Non-Rising Stem Manual Gate Valve
  •   The opening and closing parts of the manual gate valve is the gate, the direction of movement and the fluid is perpendicular, The Gate valve can only be opened or closed completely, cannot be adjusted and throttle. There are two sealing surfaces on the gate, the most common mode is: the two sealing surfaces of the gate valve is wedge-shape, the angel of the wedge varies with the valve parameters, usually is 50, it is 2 ° 52 ' when the temperature of the media is not high. The gate of the wedge gate valve can be made into a whole, called rigid gate; it can be made into the gate which can trace the deformation, to improve its process ability, make up the difference of the sealing angle occurred in the producing process, this kind of gate is called elastic gate.
  •   According to the sealing surface configuration, Manual gate valve, the national standard gate valve, casting steel gate valve can be divided to wedge gate type gate valve and parallel gate type gate valve, wedge-type gate valve can be divided into single-gate type, double gate type and flexible gate type; parallel gate valve can be divided into single gate and double gate. According to the stem of the screw position, it can be divided into rising stem gate valves and non-rising stem gate valves.
  •   Manual gate valve moves in straight with the valve stem, this kind of gate valve is called lift stem valve( rising stem valve as well). Usually there is trapezoidal thread on the lift bar, it turned rotary motion into a linear motion through nut of the valve top and the guide groove of the valve body, that is: changing the operating torque into operating thrust.
  •   The channel completely free flow when the valve opened, and the lift height of the gate is equal to the diameter of the valve, however when it is running, this location can’t be monitored. It takes the vertex of the valve stem as a symbol in actual use, that is: fix position as its fully open position. Usually when it come to the vertex, then turn back for 1/2 or 1 laps as a fully opening position of the valve due to the problem of lock when the temperature changes. So, the position of the fully opening position is according to the position of the gate.
  •   Some valve, stem nut is located in the gate, the stem rotation driven by hand rotation, then the gate is lifted, this kind of valve is called rotary rod gate valve or non-rising stem gate valve.

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