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The gasification gutter of the Ash storehouse  
The gasification gutter of the Ash storehouse
Release time:2014-09-15
The gasification gutter of the Ash storehouse

Application and Features:
The gasification device and gasification gutter is the auxiliary parts of the middle material storehouse, ash bucket,flat-bottom material storehouse, when they are connected to the preheated air, these devices can fluidize the powder material, increase the flowing of the material, so that the material is discharged smoothly, avoiding arching.
The body of the tank is made by molding process on once shaped, ensuring the box and the junction points without air leakage, and good in appearance. To ensure the junction of the bottom and flange smooth and straight by deformation, eliminating all the welding deformation and its internal stress before installed.
The porous plate is high strength gasification plate that is developed by our company for the characteristics of the dry ash warehouse of the power plant.
The main technical parameters:
  1.  size: Gasification device QHB150X300 Gasification tank KXC150, KXC175, KXC200, KXC250
  2.  Porosity of gasification plate: 37.9%
  3.  density of the gasification board: 2.22g / cm3
  4.  Compressive strength: 67.7MPa
  5.  Flexural strength: 27.3MPa
  6.  material of the gasification board: SiC
  7.  Permeability: 0.8m3 / m2 · min
  8.  Temperature:> 400 ℃

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