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Wear-resistant ceramic tube series  
Dedicated pipeline for ash transfer in the power plant
Release time:2014-09-15
Dedicated pipeline for ash transfer in the power plant

Dedicated Pipeline for Dust Transfer in Power Plant:

The features of the dedicated pipeline for dust transfer in power plant:

  1. The running resistance is small: Due to the inner surface of the SHS ceramic composite pipe is smooth, compact, and no corrosion, it’s lever of smoothness is superior to any metal pipe, this is proved through the test of the internal surface roughness and resistance characteristics by relative inspection organization, water resistance coefficient is 0.0193, lower than the seamless pipe. This kind of pipe has the advantage of operating resistance is small, operating cost can be reduced.
  2. Good wear resistance: The lining of the composite ceramic is corundum ceramic, Mohs hardness is 9.0, equivalent to HRC90 or more, so it has very good wear resistance performance to the grinding media transported by the industry such as: metallurgy, power, mining, coal and other industries.
  3.  Corrosion resistance, anti-fouling: As the ceramic layer of the pipe is neutral substance, so it has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant to seawater and anti-scaling etc.
  4. Low costs: The ceramic composite pipe is light in weight, price is reasonable, it is lighter than cast stone pipe at the rate of 20%-30%, and the working life is long, it reduce the costs of support hanger, transportation, installation of the first costs.
  5. Easy installation: As the weight is light and welding performance is good, it can use the method of welding and quick link of the flange and so on, installation is easy and the cost is low.

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