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Biaxial Humidification Mixer  
Biaxial Humidification Mixer
Release time:2014-09-15
Biaxial Humidification Mixer

Performance and Application:
Biaxial humidification mixer is suitable for dry ash delivery system of coal-fired power station, used for mixture of dry ash and water. The machine can successfully make the dry ash to wet ash of 25% moisture content to transport, and can make dry ash to high concentration ash mud to transport by vessel or belt convey. The machine has the advantages of compact structure, uniform mixing, no dust, and meet the requirements of environmental protection. The treatment capacity is 10-200 tons / hour, It can also provides computer control by the request of the user, it is the ideal equipment of the thermal power plants.
Features :
  1. Hard gear reducer and torque limiter assures the safety of the movement of equipment.
  2. The mixture of the ash and water gets a best result by reasonable spray device.
  3. The blades of the mixer made by wear-resistant material can assure the working life of the mixer and normal operation.
  4. It is easy to maintain and eliminate the leakage and bubbling of the water by reasonable design shaft seat and seal structure.
  5. It makes the mixing effect better by using new improved multi-directional spray system.
  6. It makes the working of the inspection free and comfortable by using  spacious overhaul access door.
  7. Flexible and reliable electrical control system making the operation safe and simple.

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