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Pulse bag filter  
Pulse bag filter
Release time:2014-09-15
Pulse bag filter

Uses and characteristics

DMC-type electric pulse bag filter is specially designed for the ash and slag warehouse of the thermal power plant, it uses the advanced ash clearing technology, has the advantages of big gas processing capacity, effect purification, simple structure, reliable, less maintenance. It can be layout outdoors for its good sealing performance.

Electric pulse bag filter is up-draft structure, filter bag is piston ring structure, so that the filter bag and porous plate fits and seals well, it is easy to be installed and maintained.

The working life of the key part of the ash clearing and blowing system of the electrostatic pulse bag filter-electromagnetic pulse valve is up to 1 million times. The system clean ash thoroughly, efficiency is high, the dust removal rate is up to 99.9%.

The pattern hole of the electric pulse bag filter is processed by the equipment made in German, the inner hole is smooth, and the roundness error is small.

The main technical parameters:


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