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Gate valve series  
Manual rising stem gate valve
Release time:2014-09-25
Manual rising stem gate valve

Manual knife-shaped gate valve
  1. The opening and closing parts of the knife-shaped gate valve is the gate, the movement direction of the gate and the direction of the fluid is perpendicular, the manual knife-shaped gate valve can only be fully open or closed, cannot be adjusted and throttling.
  2. There are two sealing surfaces on the gate, the most common mode is: the two sealing surfaces of the gate valve is wedge-shape, the angel of the wedge varies with the valve parameters, usually is 50, The gate of the wedge gate valve can be made into a whole, called rigid gate; it can be made into the gate which can trace the deformation, to improve its process ability, make up the difference of the sealing angle occurred in the producing process, this kind of gate is called elastic gate.
  3. The seal surface can seal only rely on the media pressure when the knife-shaped gate valve closed, that is: pushing the sealing surface of the gate to the seat of the valve on the other side by the pressure of the media to assure the seal of the sealing surface, when the valve is closed, it need to rely on the external force to force the gate pressure to the seat to ensure the sealing of the seal.

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