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Double gates wear - resistant valves  
Release time:2014-09-25


  1. double-gate disc one-way seal, the sealing surface is made of structural ceramic or carbon tungsten alloy and wear-resistant.
  2. The gates is worn uniformly and sealing durable and reliable.
  3. The special designed body of valve avoids ash fouling and piston jamming, ensures flowing smoothly.

Applicable conditions:

It is suitable for the conveying system of gas and solid two-phase medium, especially for the working condition with media of wear and tear, vertical pipes horizontal installed.

Technical specifications:

  1. Nominal pressure: 0.6 ~ 1.5MPa
  2. Nominal diameter: DN50 ~ 300
  3. Applicable temperature: -40 ~ 150 (high temperature need to specify additionally)
  4. Connection: flange
  5. Can replace the imported dome valve

  Drive: manual, electric, pneumatic

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