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Double gates wear - resistant valves  
Release time:2014-09-25


  1. sealing surface is made by tungsten steel, it can improve the wear resistance performance, last the service life of the valve.
  2. Gate plates is worn uniformly, sealing is lasting and effective.
  3. Gate-plates self-tight seal can realize low-pressure two-way sealing, the valve switches without piton jamming and ash fouling.

Applicable conditions:

It is suitable for the conveying system of the performance of serious wear and tear media such as powder or small solid particles etc. ,for example pneumatic ash removal system in thermal power plants, the feed and outlet valve of aluminum dense-phase transport system,


  1. the nominal pressure: 0.6 ~ 1.5MPa
  2. the nominal diameter: DN40 ~ 300
  3. Applicable temperature: -40 ~ 150 (high temperature to be explained separately)
  4. Connection: flange
  5. Can replace the imported dome valve

  Drive: manual, electric, pneumatic

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