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Steel Ash Warehouse  
Steel Ash Warehouse
Release time:2014-09-25
Steel Ash Warehouse

The ash warehouse system consists of ash warehouse itself, ash warehouse gasification system, unloading system, storeroom equipment, level indicator and so on. The main equipment are:

1. According to the user's request, the ash warehouse can be made of concrete structure or steel structure, the   volumes specification are: 100m3, 200m3, 300m3, 500m3, 800m3, 1000m3, 1500m3, 2000m3, 3000m3.
2. Roots blower: The main engine is made by HIBON company, supporting engine is made in China by French technology, the rotor is trilobal, turbulence is small and noise is low. The exit is Damper system, can reduce noise remarkably, the structure is compact, the special wind temperature of the exit can ensure the equipment operates reliably, the equipment does not need cooling water.
3. Air electric heater: heating element is made by high temperature resistant OCr27Al7MO2, anhydrous MgO as filling material and unique fractional pipe shrinkage molding technology. The electric tube has good thermal conductivity and excellent insulating property. There is  a deflector inside the heater and heats evenly. Air electric heater and fan control have the function of interlocking and remote control interface, the control cabinet can adjust smoothly and automatically when the equipment restarts after shutdown suddenly.
4. gasification tank: It is arranged at the bottom of the ash warehouse radially as the center of the exit of ash discharge, the installation gradient is 15, the total area of gasification is more than 15% of the bottom area of the ash warehouse, once forming, the permeability of the gasification board is good, and strength is high.

5. Double shaft mixer: Dry ash Humidification mixing equipment under the Ash warehouse, the humidity is adjustable, and there is ash preventing plate at the material feeding exit to prevent the water mist reverse string, it is good in sealing, mixing evenly, the watershed at the bottom of the box can ensure there is no dead ends in the device, the residual ash rate is low.

6. Dry ash bulk machine: The lifting of the bulk machine is driven by three cable-driven to ensure the stability of  the movement of the bulk head. The bulk head is cone sealing ring, the sealing performance is good when it is being loaded. The drive motor is electromagnet brake motor, which can prevent the accidental fall of the

        discharge head caused by power-losing.

7. Electric pulse bag filter: Electric pulse bag filter is specially designed for the ash and slag warehouse of the thermal power plant, it uses the advanced ash clearing technology, and it is up-draft structure, filter bag is piston ring structure, so that the filter bag and porous plate fits and seals well, it is easy to be installed and maintained.

8. Pressure and vacuum release valves: Pressure vacuum release valve is installed in the top of the dry ash library, it can operate continuously. When the back pressure or negative pressure is too high, it can adjust the working pressure of the dry ash warehouse to normal range, so that the ash warehouse can avoid bearing high positive and negative pressure, to ensure the safety of  the ash warehouse.

In addition, there is top and bottom and continuous lever indicator in the ash warehouse system, they can show the accurate place of the ash, ensure the ash  warehouse to run normally, safely, and stably.

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