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ZSJ dry dust bulk machine ZSJ  
ZSJ dry dust bulk machine ZSJ
Release time:2014-09-25
ZSJ dry dust bulk machine ZSJ

Uses and Characteristics

         The product is suitable for loading of the non-corrosion and low grinding powder material in the industries of electricity, building material, metallurgy, coal and chemicals etc. The product can be running interlinked with the device of feeding facilities under the material storehouse, through the control by the control system, realize the loading and discharging process automation. It is the ideal equipment for loading and shipment of the powder material. 

         With double pipe structure, the inner expansion pipe of the Dry ash bulk machine is made of high quality metal, good in wear-resistance, outer expansion pipe is made of latex canvas, it is good in sealing, the junction of the bulk head and the tanker is made of rubber to be sealed, to ensure the dry ash will not come out during the entire process of discharging.

         The lifting of the bulk machine is driven by three cable-driven to ensure the stability of the movement of the bulk head. The bulk head is cone sealing ring, the sealing performance is good when it is being loaded.

         The drive motor is electromagnet brake motor, which can prevent the accidental fall of the discharge head caused by power-losing.

         It can use semi-automatic or fully automatic control, and there is remote control interface, it is easy to operate.

The main technical parameters:

         1. Size: ZSJ-100

         2. Bulkhead lifting stroke: 1300mm (can be customized)

         3. Bulk head lifting speed: 0.1m / s


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