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Double pipe Turbulent Conveying Technology  
Double pipe Turbulent Conveying Technology
Release time:2014-09-26
Double pipe Turbulent Conveying Technology

 schematic diagram

system diagram


Pneumatic Conveying System of Low Positive Pressure

     The pneumatic conveying system of Low positive pressure is high in energy consumption, applicable range is small. As the material carrying of this system is depend on the speed, that is: the material can be transported only when the material reaches the suspension speed, so the flowing speed of the material is extremely high(initial velocity is over 10 to 16 m / s, and final velocity is above 25 to 35 m / s, Double pipe conveying is static pressure conveying, the initial speed is 4 ~ 6m / s, the final speed is 10 ~ 12m / s).

Double casing technology

     Concentrated phase pneumatic conveying system uses the ash removal method of positive pressure pneumatic, The process of the system and the composition of the equipment is the same to the normal removal system of the pneumatic ash removal system:  the energy(hydrostatic energy and kinetic energy) of the compressed air is transported to the conveying material by pressure transmitter(warehouse pump), overcoming the various resistance on the way,  then the material is be sent to the storage. But the transport mechanism of the turbulent double casing system is different from the conventional pneumatic ash removal system, Its biggest structural feature is its special structure of the pipe, it consists of main conveying system and inner bypass pipe, that is: the small pipe is put in the large pipe, The small pipe is equipped with drainage damping plate, it can realize convey of turbulent fly ash by self-regulation of the transmission pipe.

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