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CX Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System  
CX Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System
Release time:2016-12-8
CX Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

CX Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

  The CX dense phase pneumatic conveying system of our company is based on the advance technology and experience of the country and the worldwide, with the application of the factories, formatted the current system with reliable quality and advanced technology after years of experimentation. The system has the advantages of less energy consumption and meeting the environmental requirements, ash-gas ratio is high, (more than 45kg/kg), low flow (outlet flow rate is less than 10m/s), less gas consumption, wear-resistance, safety and health etc. It is the ideal pneumatic conveying system in the country.

The system can be widely applied to the powder material transport of power plants, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.

The system consists of five parts: CX warehouse pump, compressed air source part, ash library system, part of transmission pipeline and control section.

1.CX Bin Pump

   CX Bin Pump is the key part of the dense phase pneumatic conveying system. Its responsibility is conveying the ash collected by ash hopper to the ash library by this conveying pipeline after pressurized and fluidized.

2.Compressed Air Source Part

   The system provides power for the storage pump. The configuration provided by the company generally includes screw compressor, refrigerated air, two stages filters, gas cylinders, pipelines and other parts, providing the required gas source for the bin pump.

3.Ash Library

   The ash library is the in-plant storage station of the powder dust. There are two kinds: gray steel and concrete ash library. Its composition is body and ancillary facilities two parts. Ancillary facilities are: bag filter on the top of the warehouse, Pressure and vacuum release valve, level meter, the dust driving machine, bulk machines, gasification tank, gasification fans etc.

4.Conveying Pipe

   This part is the intermediate part connecting the pump and the ash silo. Due to the flow rate is low and less wear and tear, the company uses seamless steel pipe, but the corner is easy to wear and tear, we use wear-resistance elbow. Changing meter is always used according to the different distance. The conveying distance is more than 1000 meters and working life of the pipeline is more than 5 years.

5.Control Parts

   There are three methods of the control parts deployed by the company: manual, automatic and integrated control. Usually the company uses local control and actual operation of the computer integrated control.

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